KD Abercrombie - Investment Management Consultants

KD Abercrombie are specialist investment management consultants with a flexible and refreshing approach to consulting in financial services.

Instead of sourcing our teams from a consultancy background, we only employ Associates who are experienced in project management and have worked in the financial services industry as industry practitioners. This means that you will be matched with a Consultant who has exact knowledge and expertise your project requires.

Typically our Consultants and Project Managers have at least 15 years experience in financial services and many have held roles of Director or Senior Manager in blue chip financial services companies.

How Can We Help You?

Our expertise is broad and covers investment management projects including:

*   Change Management                 

*   Business Strategy                      

*   Operational Strategy                  

*   Regulatory Changes                   

*   Operational Risk Management                    

*   Project Management Training       

*   Staffing Augmentation (Compliance & Operational)

*  Regulatory Risk Management  

* Outsourcing      

* ICAAP Management

* Financial Crime Prevention Management      

We believe that our knowledge, experience and determination to succeed for our Clients are attributes that will ensure that our Clients are completely satisfied with our work and will lead them to recommend us to their colleagues and industry contacts.

Our approach is to always work with and alongside the Client, which establishes a strong relationship with a 'can do' attitude. We are proud that our relationships with Clients have spanned different financial services organisations as Programme Sponsors have progressed in their career and re-engaged KD Abercrombie.

Cost an Important Factor

Even more so than in the past, cost control is absolutely critical. Our philosophy is to be transparent to the Client, so there are no large mark ups, ensuring a harmonious workforce. KD Abercrombie prides itself as a low fee organisation. We compromise on our cost but not on our quality.